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Welcome To The Gentle Family

Here is my attempt at a personal web site, a means to learn HTML and how to put together web pages that can be seen on the internet . . . a type of labor that I love to do. Computer programming came as an unexpected pleasure during engineering school at New Mexico State - I loved the logic and immediate gratification of writing successful code. I have always thought that it would be more gratifying to write the code to create a program such as Microsoft Word rather than using Word itself, so I was lucky enough to deal with software coding for most of my career as an engineer.

This site is mainly a means to consolidate into one place those things that are of interest and that mean something to The Gentle Family. Since I'm not selling anything or asking for user input, this web site consists mostly of family photos and links to other web pages. These web site pictures are either displayed on a continuous basis, like those above, or there are photos on which you click to enlarge them and view their caption, like those below.

Phillip Gentle, January 2019

Gentle Pictures


Of Interest To Us . . .


This section is under advisement and development . . . who knows what really is of interest to us.